VirtueShop Core Functions

"Functions" are a core feature of VirtueShop and allow to control the access to all processes in VirtueShop. Functions are executed using the "func" parameter in the URL given the other URL parameters as function variables.

You need to be very careful in this part of VirtueShop. Changing Core Functions and their permissions can result in locking out users or even yourself from the store.

Functions are always assigned to core modules. So at first you need to go to the module list Admin ⇒ List Modules and then click on "Function List" in the row of the module you want to manage functions for.

If you have done this, you can see a list of all functions for that module.

VirtueShop Administration: Function List

To add a new function, click "New" in the top of the list.

VirtueShop Administration: Country Form

Fill out the fields in the function form.

VirtueShop Administration: Currency Form
Module Name:
Write the name of the county you want to add.
Module Perms:
define a shipping zone for the county. (Zones are created in 'Zone Shipping' module)
Show module in Admin menu?
Write the 2 letter ISO code of the county you want to add.
Display Order:
Write the 3 letter ISO code of the county you want to add.
Module Description:
Write the 3 letter ISO code of the county you want to add.

Don't forget to save and the new function is added to the function list.

You can modify existing functions. To do so click on the function name in the function list a form will open where you can modify the properties of the function. Don't forget to save your changes.

To remove one or more functions from the list, either click on the "trash bin" icon in the last column of each row and confirm to remove the function message or select functions and click on "Remove" in the toolbar.

VirtueShop Administration: Country Form