VirtueShop has some tax calculation configuration capabilities. Details on configuring tax calculations on your site can be found above under "Configuration".

There are four Tax modes available in VirtueShop: Based on vendor address and Based on shipping address. Depending on which option you select, you should configure Tax Rates for the locale of each vendor as entered in the "Vendor Information Form" (described above), or for each country or state you plan to have customers from (that you wish to calculate taxes for).

Adding Tax Rates

To add tax rates, select "Tax | Add Tax Rate" from the VirtueShop admin menu. This will bring up the "Add Tax Information" Form.

Add Tax Information Form Fields:

Tax Country

The country this tax rate will be applied to, determined by either the vendor or the purchaser's shipping address.

Tax State or Region

The State or Region this tax rate will be applied to. If there is no region listed for the country you are configuring a tax rate for, select the "Non-USA / Non-Canadian / Not Listed" option.

If you don't need a state, but need more than one Tax Rate for a country, just select some "dummy" state for each Tax Rate for that country.

Tax Rate

Example: 0.0825

The tax rate, as a decimal value. For example, 8.25% would be entered as 0.0825

Click on the "Save" icon to add your new Tax Rate information.

Editing Tax Rates

To edit existing Tax Rate information, select "Tax | List Tax Rates" from the VirtueShop admin menu. Click on either the linked text in the "Tax Country" or the "Tax Rate" column (both will take you to the same record).

Next make changes to the Tax Country, State or Region, or Rate fields as needed, and click on the "Save" icon to save your changes.

Tax Rate changes will be placed into effect for all purchases moving forward.

Deleting Tax Rates

To delete an existing Tax Rate, select "Tax | List Tax Rates" from the VirtueShop admin menu. Click on the linked text in the "Tax Country" or "Tax Rate" column to edit the record. Click on the "Remove" icon. You will be returned to the Tax Rate List.

Alternatively, you may pull up the Tax Rate List by selcting "Tax | List Tax Rates", and click on the trash can icon in the "Remove" column next to the record you would like to delete.