To begin setting up your store, select "Store ⇒ Edit Store" from the VirtueShop admin interface.

VirtueShop Administration: The Store Form

Figure 4.4. VirtueShop Administration: The Store Form

The Information from the Store Information form is displayed in various locations on the Shopping Site. This is your Store's primary Identity - essentially a "Master" Vendor.

Store Information Form Fields


Store Name: Required
The name of the Store.
Store Company Name: Required
The name of your company.
The Store's Internet Address.
Address 1
Address Line 1
Address 2
Address Line 2
Name of the city where your store is located.
Name of the State / Region where your store is located.
Name of the Country where your store is located.
Zip/Postal Code
The ZIP code of your store's location.
Your store's phone number
Store Address Format
Store Address Format
Store Date Format
Store Date Format
Contact Information

Last, First & Middle Name
The Name of Store Contact Person.
The title of the Contact Person example Mr., Mrs. and etc.
Phone 1 & 2
Your contact's Phone number.
Your contact's Fax number.
Email Address
Primary store contact email address, all product inquiry emails will be directed to this email address
Store Information

Full Image Required
Displays the currently configured store logo.
Upload Image
Upload a new company/store logo. This will be uploaded when you click on the "Save" icon.
Minimum Purchase Order Value
This is the amount which is the minimum Order Value for Checkout.
Minimum Amount for Free Shipping
This is the amount, from which on Shipping is free.
Currency Display Style

The Store's global / default Currency
Currency symbol
This is the currency symbol which will be used when displaying prices.
Number of decimals.
Decimal symbol
Can be somethin like . , or empty.
Thousands separator
Same as decimal symbol.
Positive format
Display Order / Style for positive numbers.
Negative format
Display Order / Style for negative numbers.
List of accepted currencies
This list defines all those currencies you accept when people are buying something in your store.

All currencies selected here can be used at checkout! If you don't want that, just select your country's currency (=default).

This is your Store's Description which is shown on the page shop.index.
Terms of Service
This is the complete text for your Terms of Service that is displayed to the customer.

Click on the "Save" icon. Now you're ready to begin adding Manufacturers, Categories and Products.