Your shop is online, your catalogue is bursting at the seams, you've run all of your payment processing tests, and you're ready to go live! Well, maybe not quite. You need to know what to do when those orders come flooding in. When someone orders a product through your VirtueShop website, a record is created in the system with the details of the order.

The order record has a ‘status’ to indicate where the order is in the stream of events – for example, whether it has been paid for, shipped, or cancelled. The actual values you use for status are up to you, but by default you are given status values of Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled, Refunded, and Shipped. If you want to define your own status values, you can do so by selecting "List Order Status Types’ from the ‘Order Status’ sub-menu of the "Orders" menu.

To view all of the orders in the system, click on "List Orders" on the "Orders" menu. This takes you to the Order List which is illustrated in the next figure.

The Order List
The Order Details

The Order List

VirtueShop Administration: Order List

Figure 4.68. VirtueShop Administration: Order List

When you click on an order number, you are given the full details of the order as shown in the next figure.

When you click on the name of the customer, you will be taken to the user form for this user. The Print View Link opens a new window that allows you to print out the order. In the status column you can see the current status of this order. You can change this value and after that click on the "Update Status" button to the right to update the order status. If you wish to notify the customer about this action, check the option "Notify the customer?".

To delete an order, use the Trash Bin icon in the last column or select multiple orders using the checkboxes in the first column and click on "remove" in the toolbar.

The Order Details

VirtueShop Administration: Upper Part of the Order Details

Figure 4.69. VirtueShop Administration: Upper Part of the Order Details

The Order Details View shows all details which are relevant to the store owner. You have three tabs in the upper part: Order Status Change, Order History and Modify Order.

VirtueShop Administration: Bottom of the Order Details

Figure 4.70. VirtueShop Administration: Bottom of the Order Details

In this part of the order details screen you see the list of all purchased products. If the products are downloadable products, you can re-send the Download Notification Email or re-initiate the downloads if the maximum download number has been reached or the download period has expired.

You can also change the order status for single order items using the status drop-down list in each row of the order item list.