Managing Currencies

Currencies are managed in the currency list, which can be accessed through Admin ⇒ List Currencies.

VirtueShop Administration: Currencies List

To add a new currency, click "New" in the top of the list.

VirtueShop Administration: Currency Form

Fill out the fields in the currency form.

VirtueShop Administration: Currency Form
Currency Name:
Write the name of the currency you want to add.
Currency Code:
Write 3 letter currency ISO code.

Don't forget to save and the new currency is added to the currency list.

You can modify existing currency. To do so click on the currency name in the currency list a form will open where you can modify the properties of the currency. Don't forget to save your changes.

To remove one or more currencies from the list, either click on the "trash bin" icon in the last column of each row and confirm to remove the currency message or select currencies and click on "Remove" in the toolbar.

VirtueShop Administration: Currency Remove