You can access the list of coupons from the menu: "Coupons" ⇒ "Coupon List".

VirtueShop Administration: Coupon List

Figure 4.81. VirtueShop Administration: Coupon List

Here is where you can add, modify or remove existing coupons.

To add a new coupon, click the "new" button in the toolbar. The coupon form shows up.

VirtueShop Administration: Coupon Form

Figure 4.82. VirtueShop Administration: Coupon Form

Now you need to fill in the necessary value for the new coupon:

Coupon Code

This is the "code" a customer needs to fill in to redeem this coupon. This can be a simple word or a secret string with numbers and characters.

Percent or Total

Here you can choose wether the coupon value is a percentage of the cart total or a fixed total value.

Coupon Type

There are two types of coupons: Gift Coupons and Permanent Coupons. Gift Coupons are removed from the database once they have been used to place an order. Permanent Coupons can be used for campaigns, because they can be used again and again until you remove them from the coupon list.


This is the numeric discount value of this coupon.

Don't forget to save your changes and you're done!