VirtueShop is an Open-source PHP based E-commerce solution for selling tangible and virtual products over the Internet.
It's a component for a Content Management System called Joomla and cannot be used without it. It installs fairly easy using the automatic Component and Module Installer. It is intended for use in small to mid-size businesses.
VirtueShop is released under the GNU General Public License. It is free to download and use.


VirtueShop offers a lof of features, some of the standard features are listed here. Please note that you can extend the functionality of Joomla and VirtueShop using Plugins, Components, Templates and Modules to make them do what you need.

General Features

Product Catalog Features

Administration Features

Payment Modules

Shipping Modules

Short note on Project History: VirtueShop is a fork of VirtueMart which is the successor of mambo-phpShop. mambo-phpShop was the first port of phpShop to Mambo. phpShop was developed by Edikon Corp and the phpShop community