VirtueShop Shopping Cart Features

VirtueShop is designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly.

Unlimited Categories
VirtueShop Unlimited CategoriesUnlimited number of categories is one of the most important E-commerce features, this feature from VirtueShop helps you manage your categories or the entire category structure easily, insert, update and delete an unlimited number of categories from your admin or frontend.
Unlimited Products

VirtueShop Unlimited ProductsVirtueShop E-commerce solution has the support for assigning an unlimited number of products in a category, we also have the functionality for assigning one product to multiple categories.

Product Review and Rating

VirtueShop Product Review and RatingReviews and Ratings increase sales and build customer loyalty, reviews provide reassurance to the customer during the decision making process, relieving them of insecurities they may otherwise have, collect and leverage reviews and rating from your customers, let people sell for you by gathering their opinions, learn from their feedback to improve your products and services.


VirtueShop Multi-TemplateWith Multi-Template you can style different layout for different categories even displaying products differently.


VirtueShop Mulit-CurrencyMulti-currency enables customers to convert product prices in a currency of their choice, and complete the order in their chosen currency, the order will still be processed in the default currency.


VirtueShop MultilingualComplete Multilingual support with over 12 languages. You can easily add your own language too.

Over 15 Payment Gateways


Over 10 Shipping Solutions


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